April 13, 2000
Micropayments here we come... (?)

There is an interesting discussion about micropayments going on over at Hack the Planet.

(having a discussion group on every site is very cool)

Gotta love weblog politics.

A couple of great links on Flutterby today..

Conxion is cutting off service to Userland Software, for no other apparent reason than the fact that Dave Winer criticized them in public.

I signed up for PayPal and eGold today. I'm going to start experimenting with homegrown micropayments over the summer, and bugging them to add features.

Alexander Stigsen sent along an easy way to send someone 2 cents, using egold. It seems like it would be easy to set up more of this kind of stuff, and make it flexible.

Still waiting for Millicent...

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