April 11, 2000
busy busy busy busy ow.

A wierd quote from a promising weblog on publishing that needs more cellpadding: "What [Arthur C.] Clarke did [publishing a short story online] was a kiss good night. Bullet is more like heavy petting."

The National Association of Broadcasters wants to kill low-power FM. duh. What's scarier is that they might just do it.

This weblog has been around for about four months.

Link from four months ago:

I found this in a Wired review of a book by Galen Marcus: "The idea is that you should be creating your own art instead of consuming other people's art. With punk music, there wasn't supposed to be a person in the audience who wasn't taking part in the performance. If people are spectators instead of participants, it's easier to sell them commodities. A few years ago, people wanted the Internet to be revolutionary and change the world. Making people participants in the product creation is the first step."

I've got two papers due tommorrow. Sucks to be me.

I've updated and rewritten quite a bit of my Rethinking Micropayments piece. Go read it.

There's a second draft of my new paper on Dialogues and Documents, if you're interested in what I'm presently working on. I'm hoping a lot of people read this one (once it's done), coz I think there are a lot of good ideas in it.

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