April 05, 2000
5k entry

I just remembered: the 5k deadline is up, so I can show everyone my entry. It's kind of artsy, but it's 708 bytes, and I like it.

Silicon Valley may not care what Bill Joy has to say, but the fact that a bunch of people with a stake in him being wrong are ignoring him hardly makes his argument less valid.

Short article from Business 2.0 about the PC becoming more of a server, and content shifting to the edges. i.e. another significance of Napster piece.

USA Today: Eisner says net content doesn't have to be free. "''These Internet pirates try to hide behind some contrived New Age arguments of the Internet. But all they are really doing is trying to make a case for age-old thievery... Theft is theft, whether it is enabled by a handgun or a computer keyboard.'" hmmm. theft indeed.

There is some great music (legal MP3's - 'magine that) on the CHMA music page: check out New, by Channel 4, and a very interesting version of Brown Eyed Girl, by Threesome. Both bands are from Sackville - that is, where I live and go to school.

I'm using IE5 on a Mac right now, and despite my bias against Microsoft, I have to say they got quite a few things right with this one.

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