March 01, 2000
Misnomer: The Search for Norb

Here's a somewhat prescient article from 1994 about the effect of hypertext on how we view knowledge. "the idea and the ideal of the book will change: print will no longer define the organization and presentation of knowledge, as it has for the past five centuries."

One of the things I think is most interesting about hypertext is that context explicit, e.g. on the next line, I refer to Antisthenes - In a offline setting, I would have to assume you know who that is, but online, I can just link, and what I'm saying will make sense, because the context is as close as you want it to be.

According to Antisthenes, knowledge should be in the soul, not on paper.

Context is king.

DeapLeap has a really cool 404 page. DeapLeap, LoudCloud - is this a new trend, like the swoosh?

Intellectual property doesn't know what to do with itself. Film at 11. Gotta keep those IP lawyers employed.

Parsec looks really cool. Kinda reminds me of Net Trek on the mac, which we used to play on Mac Classics over Appletalk back in the day.

David Grenier has some interesting things to say regarding Emma Goldman and the radical tradition in America. "The idea of 60s radicalism as an aberration is a conservative myth, the fact
of the matter is it was a continuation of a long tradition."

Does anyone else remember Norb, a really cool comic strip that appeared in the Seattle Times (and elsewhere) for a while? I did a few searches, but just found a whole bunch of guys names Norb.

Ola says it's Daniel Pinkwater who did Norb, but I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.

Ok, this explains things. Maybe we can appeal to the authors to put Norb online.

Via Rebecca's pocket, a Merc article about online filmmaking. "Tamir Halaban said the situation for filmmakers on the Web was like the early days of professional baseball, where ballplayers had to wait tables in the off-season to make ends meet."

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