March 10, 2000
Misnomer: Deadly Bananas

I recieved an email warning of a deadly skin disease that could be transmitted on bananas imported to the US. I don't know if it's legit, but it seems like laying off the bananas for a while might be worth it.

Two fun ska tunes : 'Russians Don't Skank', by Mr. Goon, and 'Anarchy Waltz', from the Distorted Penguins. (free downloads)

idea. I was reading the recent Wired article on shop bots, which are little proggies that search the net and tell you which product is cheaper from who, etc., and I was suprised that they didn't mention the possibilities for availability of other information about the product.

It seems to me a killer app for environmentally and socially conscious shoppers - while sorting available sources by price, users could also figure in other variables, such as how much packaging will be used, how much junk mail will arrive in the package, and whether the product was manufactured by people earning slave wages.

Presently, I'm working on a proposal to get a student run web server here at Mount A, running on Manila, of course. I'm also redesigning the Sociology department's page, putting up music on CHMA's site, writing three articles for the Argosy, working on sculpture, doing an entry for the 5k competition, and working on the zine. Somewhere in there I'll do some schoolwork.

I've finally got a Background colour I like...

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