March 27, 2000
King's eBook and encryption.

The internet is pretty cool lookin'.

Stephen King's eBook cracked. I'm still amazed that everyone is convinced that people won't pay for something unless they are forced to.

The assumption is so deeply embedded that no one ever questions it - every article about online content is based on it.

There is a poll about encryption in eBooks. Some strong opinions on the results page, too.

Dan Gillmor: "Microsoft has a habit of making and breaking promises. It has a habit of using fine print and deliberately imprecise languate, pretending to mean one thing while actually meaning another. It has, to put this bluntly, a habit of dishonesty."

Sometimes, you just have to say it like it is.

BeOS 5 is out tommorrow.

I didn't know that caveat emptor means "buyer beware". Now I do.

Seen on /.:

    "It is not enough that I should succeed. Others must fail."
    -- Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald's

I wonder if he actually said that..?

Disinformation has a lot of cool links to stuff that is... less mainstream, like this cool web art

Brad's Technological Determinism Links.

All kinds of determinism: linguistic and technological; strong and weak.

From blogit:

    CNN deems four bands from SXSW (no, not that one) worthy of our attention, with brief bios and music clips for each.

    well, coverage of four is better than none, at least. i think we should start holding online media to higher standards of story coverage, though, as they do not have the same time or space constraints inherent in broadcast or traditional print media, respectively. coverage of all the bands, thereby letting the public decide who to follow? okay, so call me a visionary...

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