March 19, 2000
good conversation... yum

Howard Rhiengold's The Art of Hosting Good Conversation Online is a must-read for anyone maintaining a discussion group or online community of any kind.

Also very cool, by Rheingold: The Internet and the Future of Money. Talks about creating localized currencies, but on a more abstract level, illustrated the ability of the internet to make things like money a lot more flexible. So much for the almighty buck... I hope. is a very cool weblog that I never noticed before. Free software, indie music, and open source text. Sounds familiar.

Wouldn't it be great if people decided they didn't need lots of money to be happy?

Sure, altruism doesn't work, but if you don't care about it in the first place, it's not altruism.

Massively Multiplayer Online Star Wars Game. Someone clued in in a big way. (via /.)

I went and saw Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew last night. Absolutely brilliant blues and rock, with some awe inspiring Hendrix-style solos. Apparently, they tour on the west coast - a highly recommended show in any case. (psst. they've got MP3's on their site, too).

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