February 28, 2000
Misnomer: Rollins for Prez!

Ooooh! A new toy. It's small.

Henry Rollins for President!. "In an age where people accept what Dr. Laura says as the absolute truth, the United States needs a leader who will encourage people to use their own brains."

The Standard: Amazon.com Patents Enemy-Making Process "In 1994, for example, [the US patent office] awarded a patent to Compton's on the concept of multimedia. That one was later yanked." Isn't this indicator enough that the process is simply and utterly FUBAR?

Slashdot interviews: Ask Jakob Nielsen anything "let's bypass all the people who have usability opinions just because they have opinions, and go straight to The World's Leading Expert" hehe.

Dan Gillmor interviews Linus Torvalds: "The best result is still what happens naturally." Some interesting bits on collaborating online. "The natural world is far from serene, as Darwin noted."

I'm doing miscellaneous stuff today - mostly catching up with coursework, cleaning my fishtank, grocery shopping. My subsequent procrastination will probably result in frequent updates to misnomer.

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